Hotel Churchill

2258 First Avenue, San Diego, CA

The Hotel Churchill has been designated by the City of San Diego as a historical resource, Historic Site Number 637. The seven-story hotel was constructed in 1914 in anticipation of the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in nearby Balboa Park. The building was renovated by the San Diego Housing Commission for affordable housing.

Under the lead designer, Studio E Architects, Heritage provided construction details for the restoration of existing historic façade elements including historic wood windows, glass storefronts, marble bulkheads, prismatic glass transoms, exterior plaster, ornamentation, exterior lighting, and decorative metal features. Heritage also provided details for the replication of missing elements included the lighted steel and glass entry canopy and missing neon signage. Interior work included detailing and technical specifications for the renovation of the historic lobby. The completed project provides affordable housing for 72 homeless individuals, including Veterans, with on-site supportive services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Photography: Stephen Whalen

  • Studio E Architects/Housing Development Partners
    • Historical Features Inventory
    • Façade Restoration
    • Historic Canopy Replication
    • Historic Neon Signage Replication
    • Construction Documents
    • Construction Observation
  • 2012
    • ♢Save Our Heritage Organisations People in Preservation Award